Packing Materials

Alongside our full packing service where we supply all required packing materials and come along to pack everything for you, we also offer competitively priced packing materials on a supply-only basis to help you with your move. From Boxes to Bubble Wrap and Fragile Tape to Furniture Blankets we can help. Please get in touch for more information and a full price list. Bulk discounts are available. 

Double Wall Packing Boxes 

Our Double Wall packing boxes are the ideal solution for packing up your entire house, apartment or offices. Whether your packing crockery and ornaments or printers and paperwork our boxes offer a great solution.

Protective Coverings

Furniture Blankets, Mattress Bags, Sofa & Armchair Covers and Bedding Bags are just some of the protective covers we can offer. Please get in touch for pricing and more information. 

Wraps & Protection for Fragile Items

Our most popular products for protecting fragile and valuable items include packing paper, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, TV boxes & bags and loose-fill packing chips. 

Floor Coverings

We offer adhesive carpet protection and adhesive wood/laminate floor protection as standard, but we can also offer carpet blankets and a wide range of other solutions depending on your requirements. 


Our ancillary product range includes parcel tape, fragile tape, tape dispensers, marker pens, craft knives, ratchet straps and nylon rope securing items in your vehicle. 

Other Products

We've listed details of some of our most popular products, but if you have a special requirement or need other types of packaging please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.